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What is the I Care Program?

For sure you can eat that taco and dial in some tunes and text your best friend back … while driving 65 mph.
Uh-huh. Guess what? You can’t. We hate to tell you but here’s a fairly sucky reality check: More of us teens die in car accidents than from any other cause. Lots more of us. And all that taco-eating, tune-dialing and texting are a big part of the problem. It’s time for you and your friends to take the pledge – “Just let me drive!” So we created the I Care book, webpage, videos and more …
by teens, for teens. Here’s the deal:

  • We know you want your friends to keep it together behind the wheel. The free I Care book can really help. Download it here, then read it and share it. (It’s a fast & fun read, we promise!)
  • Admit it: Your parents need to get a clue too. So part of the I Care book is cool advice from real teens like you … for your parents. (Because, yeah ok, you care about them.)
  • You’ll find other stuff on our site that’ll show your best friends you want them to come home in one piece. (Because what good is a best friend in three separate pieces?)
  • Check out our I Care links – and pass them along to those friends. (They probably need them more than you do!)
  • And that’s basically it, my friend! You’re gonna like the book, videos and the rest of it. And so will your friends … and parents. They’ll thank you. Even better, I Care just might save their life. (When that happens, they’re going to owe you free pizza forever!)
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